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Continuity : In order that the form of the completed space frame is not shown as individual units of voxels, or in other words so that the new research of the voxel and previous research on masonry based architecture can be connected, repetitive composition methods must be avoided.

Combinatorics : Basically, each voxel is composed by finding its combinatory method with other voxels. Even though all voxels include the same type of Bezier curve, based on how much each voxel has rotated in relation to its center axis, the type of voxel type is determined. Based on the characteristics of the surfaces of the different voxels that meet with different surfaces, there is a need to compose these different combinations using an algorithm. Each discrete pixel unit has 4 and voxel unit has 24 possible rotations, which enables it to generate a differentiated, heterogeneous pattern.


Density (Structural Optimisation - Octree Voxelization) : To achieve structural stability, computational structural analysis was applied to the design process. The weak stress value points were reinforced with additional voxels, and for the excessive structural support points, by using voxels 8 times larger (Octree) than the size of previous voxels, structural stability could be assigned. The infinitely reduced voxel ultimately becomes a point, and using the approach that the combination of points ultimately become lines and surfaces, and volume, through the integration of design syntax and one algorithm, it was possible to arrive at the result of complexity through curved voxels. When the voxels are very small, the spatial curve effectively becomes no more than a line. What appears as two different formal syntaxes, curvilinear versus linear, is actually the product of a single spatial curve on different scales. Differentiated voxel size is achieved through octree voxelisation, which is often used in the games industry, generally uses a small amount of data and has the objective of composing a virtual 3D reality. Even in architectural design, when using Octree voxelization, there is less need for calculations than general voxelization, so a more efficient and quick design process can occur. Octree voxelisation makes the voxel size dependent on the amount of detail in the geometry.

(Structural Optimisation - Different Print Diameters) : By increasing the diameter of the Curves included in the weak parts, structural stability was attempted to be achieved.


Printability : To materialize the data that was designed using computational algorithms, all curvilinear tool paths need to be able to be 3D printed. The robot drags extruded plastic in the air where it is cooled down. The whole chair consists of a single, continuous and seamless line. For the sake of 3D printing efficiency and to save time, the tool path must be continuos without interruption.

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