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Digital Design and Digital Fabrication in Architecture


Spatial Curves is a project aims to focus on a new digital design architectural methodology (Computational algorithm based voxelized curvilinear space frame) and also a new fabrication methodology (3D spatial printed plastic curvilinear space frame).  Basically Spatial Curves is significant in that it suggests a new aesthetic and structural paradigm for architecture and also for providing the actual foundation for the possibility of its commercialization. 


CurVoxels has developed an experimental digital technique for creating complex curvilinear space frame structure such as columns, chairs, staircase and pavilion, based on Mereology with one simple component by using combinatorial system and seamless large scale spatial 3D printing. Basically, Spatial Curves integrated the areas of digital design system with digital fabrication systems and has the objective of optimising the potential of computational design in architecture by overcoming the limitations of fabrication inherent to previous digital architectural design. From a design strategy perspective, Sparial Curves started from a reinterpretation of masonry based architecture that applies voxels, which are ‘volumetric or 3D pixels’, such as bricks or pre-fabricated concrete blocks. Digital simulation software was used to optimize the structure with different density of the components and to generate the tool-path for large scale 3D printing by using industrial robot and customized extruder.

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