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CurVoxels Spiral Staircase


The uses and benefits of spiral staircases go back centuries. Although the date of origin is unknown, in the earliest of historical notations, they were widely used to reach the top of towers and give advantage to the King's army against enemies. Spiral staircases started out made of stone, like the ones in the medieval castles and those found in lighthouses, but modern materials and technology have paved the way for the most beautiful versions in wood, metal, or a combination of both. Through the centuries the spiral staircase has become all about the customization to fit exactly the style, form, and function desired.


As same as Cantilever Chairs research strategy, by choosing the Folio Staircase, while at the same time there was the goal of making a reinterpretation of the Spiral Staircase, there was also the focus on the possibility of development when applying the design method of this research on a previously existing object.

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